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EBOOK: 6 Ways to Work & Travel the World

I’ve been travelling for 12 years to 59+ countries, and this ebook will explain HOW!

This e-book is a 93-page guide to show how many ways there are to work whilst travelling the world!

I understand how overwhelming it is trying to figure out ways to travel full-time whilst not having huge amounts of savings. There are also SO MANY ways to work & travel that it can be super confusing!

So this ebook breaks down the ways I have done it to help you plan your adventure!

It gives info to the following topics:

  • Working Holiday Visas
  • Working for accommodation inc. the basics of content collaborations with accommodation
  • Seasonal jobs
  • Tour leading
  • Teaching English Online
  • Fully Remote Job/ Digital Nomad for beginners
  • Also: stories and photos from my personal experiences over the years

It is also full of clickable links that link you directly to useful recourses & take you to appropriate pages in the ebook!



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