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Become a Digital Nomad!

Want to become a digital nomad but have no idea how? OR, purely intrigued to learn more? Well, I got you bebeh…

Pre 2021 I had no idea what a Digital Nomad was, let alone how it would be possible to travel while earning money online!

Two years later, I am now travelling full time & working as I go – this masterclass was recorded 2 months ago & gives you the info & confidence you need to start your life as a digital nomad.

They are all things I wish I knew before & had to figure out along the way!

  • My Digital Nomad Journey
  • How to find remote work
  • Types of remote work
  • What to look out for when applying
  • Where to stay & work from while travelling
  • Finding community
  • Handy equipment
  • I wish I knew before
  • Q&A’s live from the session.

NOTE: This is a recording of the masterclass which I gave 2 months ago. After such amazing feedback I decided to make it available to everyone to hopefully help you on your journey 🙂



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